Thursday, May 17, 2012

Win a 2012 Debut OF YOUR CHOICE!

Hey everyone!

Since Jayden's auction is just 2 weeks away and we're still hoping for a few more donations, I thought I'd try something fun.

We need to make sure everyone hears about all the awesome things that will be offered at the auction.  You can stay informed by:

-Liking Jayden's Facebook Page
-Following him on Twitter
-Following his Blog (this is where the auction will take place)

We also need to spread the word.  You can do this by:

-Tweeting or retweeting about the auction
-Blogging about Jayden
-Posting something about Jayden and the auction on Facebook

And we could use a few more donations.  You can help by:

-Donating a book, critique or art item (you can email me donations at nataliebahm (at) yahoo (dot) com)
-Passing this along to a friend, agent, or colleague who might be willing to donate

Anyone who does two of these things (you can pick ANY two) and tells me about what they did in a comment below is eligible to win a 2012 debut of his/her choice.  I'll even pre-order one for you if the book of your choice doesn't come out until later this year.  There are so many awesome debuts this year. I know there's something for everyone.  I will pick THREE winners on Thursday, June 1, the day before the auction begins.  And yes, I am happy to ship internationally.

Thank you SO MUCH for helping.  I'm hoping the auction will be a great success and take a little bit of the financial pressure off Jayden's family, so they can focus on helping him get well.


Jessica Nelson said...

Thanks Natalie! I'm going to stick info up somewhere (twitter or fb)

Stephanie Thornton said...

Jayden is such an adorable little thing--I'm happy to help however I can.

And yay about his first steps! I just read that on Twitter!

Keisha Martin said...

I'll RT the auction, what a great support for Jayden I am happy to also offer my support, and I will do it without the incentive of debut books to choose from sometimes life is not about that but the things that matter the most caring for others, even people we may not know=o)

Natalie said...

You are all winners (in more ways than one!)