Sunday, October 2, 2011

Time, or the Lack Thereof

Sometimes I feel like my time is a giant pizza sitting in front of a room of starving people.

I yell, "Dinnertime!" and everyone lunges for a slice. By the time I get to the table all that's left are crumbs.

The problem is all these people deserve my time. I WANT to give it to them.

But I want some for me too.

I feel like I'll always be searching for that balance.

Do you ever feel like that?


storyqueen said...


That is why I have learned to be content with tiny chunks of writing time. I can get a lot done in fifteen minutes!

(However, tiny chunks do not work so well for revising.)

My goal is a page a day. It is a very small goal, but doable most of the time.

Good luck.


Jessica Nelson said...

Oh YES. You are not alone. There is nothing more that will drive me crazy than kiddos screaming for a piece of me. I just want them to ask nicely. *grin*

Stephanie Thornton said...

I feel this way every day. I'm a happy camper if I get 20 minutes of writing time--today I got almost 30 minutes. Bonus!

Jennifer Wolf said...

Yep. Been there, felt that. Wish I could clone myself. You have to make time for who you want to be. Easier said than done, I know.

Well-put Natalie. HUGS!!!

Em-Musing said...

Time, it seems, at least to us writers is never on our side. And maybe, because it's so much fun to write, we don't see it like a job where we'd get yelled at by a boss if we slacked off.

Jaime Wright said...

I do. Which is why I usually grab a slice of pizza first and THEN yell "dinnertime" ;)

Anita Saxena said...

Yes, frequently. Just hang in there. Hopefully some writing time will pop up soon enough.

Wen Baragrey said...

Oh yes. I know how you feel :) For instance, I just saw the date on your post and thought, "Well, isn't that amazing? Natalie is posting from the future! Her blog thinks it's October!"

I had a little giggle until I realized that it is, in fact, October. How the blazes did THAT happen?!

Definitely not enough time!

Joanne Fritz said...

This too shall pass, Natalie! It will get better, I promise.

But I remember those days well. And I must admit that even now, with one son having left the nest and the other old enough to fend for himself, I'm still pulled in too many different directions. I work nearly full time, I write, I blog, I read, and I still have meals to cook, a house to clean, and a husband to pay attention to!

The house suffers the most...

Aun-Juli said...

It's been like that for me for a little while, and only recently have I been able to designate some time for myself. I feel guilty a lot when I don't give in, but when I do, I eventually explode. :\ It's all about balance, I guess!


Kristin said...

Yes, Yes, Yes.
And brownies.
And on days where I do get an hour to write, I find myself falling asleep at the keyboard, lol.

Susan R. Mills said...

All the time! It does get better the older the kids get. Don't get me wrong...they still need your time, but they are at least somewhat self sufficient.