Monday, June 25, 2012

What to do when you finish a book

In the past few weeks I have:

-Attended oodles of end-of-school-year activities and programs
-Refinished a dining room table and chairs
-Cleaned out my kitchen
-Traveled to a family reunion and slept in a yurt
-Painted a desk

That really doesn't look like a lot of things, but it was, trust me!

Anyhow, I'm sorry I've been away and haven't been focused on writerly things.  Right now, I'm desperate to start a new book--two weeks away is about all I can handle.  All the other things I planned to repaint and clean out will just have to wait.

How is summer treating you?  Are you writing?  Doing house projects?  Vacationing in Maui?


Caroline Starr Rose said...

1. Are you kidding me? This list is huge!

2. Love the new photo.

3. Where was your reunion -- Mongolia??

DL Hammons said...

My summer looks like my fall, which looks like my winter, which looks like my spring. I do my best to avoid any kind of housing project, and I'd rather be vacationing in Alaska!

Have fun starting that new book! :)

Laurel Garver said...

That sounds like quite the list of projects! Refinishing furniture especially takes forever. I am in awe.

I hope to delegate some painting and decluttering to my professor hubby who has August off. Maybe then I'll manage to write more than 1k words a week. :-)

Jen said...

wow!! youve been busy!!

Jaime Wright said...

You had me at "yurt"! What IS that? :)