Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cupid Shot Me

I was going to participate in Diane Estrella's How Cupid Shot Me Day, but I really, really need an unplugged week. So instead of taking the time to write a new post about how I fell in love with my sweetheart, I'm just going to link to a few I wrote a while ago. (I know, I'm lazy)

My husband and I have been married for more than seven years and I love him more everyday. I'm so grateful to be married to someone so supportive, and helpful, and... hot.

Mmm Hmm. Nice.

Do you have a love story you'd like to share in the comments? I'm totally in the mood for mushiness.

And I've won a few blog contests lately and I want to say THANK YOU to Terry Lynn Johnson and Mary Campbell for the lovely new books. I'm so excited to get reading!

See you next week!


Sara McClung ♥ said...

OMG any husband who can smile like that is a KEEPER :-)

I don't really have a mushy love story to share, sorry! My husband and I met at work and totally fell for each other.... It was a secret romance for a bit, until we both left the company and came out about it. At which point we discovered that it apparently was not a secret at all, haha.

Diane said...

Thanks for the shout out! Hope you have a great week off with your hot hubby. :O)

Catherine Denton said...

That's adorable! Mushy story, huh? How about ironic?

Fed up with dating, I told my sister I wished I could mix the best parts of my last two boyfriends. Since one of them drove a gray sedan and the other a red Nissan 300 SX; I jokingly said, "I need to find a guy with a gray 300 SX."

Fast forward six months later...I strolled with my new beau whom I thought could be "the one". We ended up back at his duplex. In the driveway sat a gray 300 SX. I asked if it was his roommate's car since I'd never seen him drive it.

"Nah it's mine; been in the shop," he said.

I got goosebumps. We married a year later. True story.
Winged Writer

Jemi Fraser said...

You've got a great man there for sure! My hubby & I have been together for more years than we haven't. :)

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Aww, what a great pic of him. I can't believe you're in a mushy mood today. I almost fainted when I read that.
I don't have any mushy stories. I"m pretty sure Cupid lost my address years ago. :(
Happy VDay!

laurel said...

I met my hubby Joel through a book group, but he was so focused on finishing his dissertation, I felt fairly invisible to him. A few months later, our group had a Twelfth Night party (a read-aloud of the Shakespeare play) complete with an Epiphany cake. Said cake has trinkets baked into it, each forecasting some good fortune for the year ahead: a coin for wealth, a car for a journey, and a heart for true love. I got the piece with the heart!

Within the next few months, Joel and I were suddenly spending a lot of time together getting a literary magazine started. He finally asked me out that fall (once his dissertation defense was over) and the rest, as they say, is history. :-)

Mary Campbell said...

Your hubbie is cute. I met my husband when I became roommates with his niece(they were close in age) but we didn't actually start dating until we realized we had a class together at the University of Utah. It was a huge class and we had no idea we were both in it, until we realized we were both studying for the same Final. We spent the whole night together "studying" After that we were an item. We both got A's in the class btw.

Stephanie Thornton said...

Have a wonderful week off with your husband! My hubby is my best friend- we met on a tour bus in Alaska when we were both tour directors. He had a book and was cute. I stalked him. (Sneakily, of course.) This June will be our 6 year anniversary- yay!

Jennifer Shirk said...

I did Cupid Shot Me too.

That picture of your hubby cracked me up!!!

Jessica said...

What a great smile! LOL And nice teeth. (don't laugh, teeth are important!) LOL
Enjoy your time off.

Bethany Wiggins said...

I defied my family and got on a grayhound bus to chase my husband across the USA. We got married, practically had to elope, and 12 years later, we are still going strong!

Shelli said...

i met my hubby at the zoo....don't ask :)

Erica said...

Aww, so cute! My hubs and I have been together 7 years too! Nothing special with our story we met at college. It was a short engagement etc. We are very opposite, but it seems to work, most days ;o)

Enjoy your week :o)

L.T. Elliot said...

Congratulations on seven years! Cupid gets it right, huh?